Our Team

Meet Our Leaders


Khalil Al Rahbi

Founder & President

Khalil is the founder of Global Line and owns several other businesses in Oman. He is a serial entrepreneur with a very strong connection in practically all government ministries and agencies. With a vision to position Oman as an international investment destination, Khalil has engaged his international networks to work in Global Line to achieve his goals. His expertise ranges from business development, international relations to providing logistical support to global players who wish to establish themselves in Oman or any of the GCC states. Khalil studied Airport Management and is in the process of establishing Oman’s first Aviation Academy.

Aziz Latip

Senior VP Business Strategies

Aziz previously worked as a banker with an international bank including as a Managing Director of a finance company. Prior to embarking into his own business in 2009, Aziz was appointed by the Brunei Government as the CEO of Industrial Authority and Assistant CEO of Brunei Economic Development Board. He has tremendous experience in International Negotiation for FDI as well as Project Management. He pioneered several mega projects in his country ranging from Oil & Gas downstream industries to infrastructural development. Aziz has businesses in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Brunei. He studied in England, Australia and Brunei in the fields of Town Planning, Business Administration and Strategic Leadership.

Khalid Ahmed Al Shaqsi

Senior VP Operations

Khalid has more than 20 years experience in the construction industry and witnessed the rapid growth of Oman since the production of its hydrocarbon started. He is very well connected in both the government and commercial sectors, and has a thorough knowledge in Oman's business environment. He holds qualifications in Civil Engineering and Quantity Surveying from Caledonian and Salford University respectively.

Faisal Bin Sultan Al Hosni

Senior VP Finance & Legal

Faisal has vast experience as a Diplomat and has been posted to many countries holding position as First Secretary. A graduate in Political Science from Al Yamouk University, Jordan, his forte is to advise and properly direct companies to the right channel within the government bureaucratic procedure. He is also knowledgeable on matters relating to the country's economic policies and strategic direction.

Nicholas Kouwenhoven

Senior VP International Business

Nicholas specializes in Public Relations and Government and Business Affairs. He is a multi-disciplined and trusted advisor of high profile dignitaries, top executives and VIP's. He served for more than a decade as spokesman for the members of the Royal House of the Netherlands and was Head of Communications of Mr. Mark Rutte, the present Dutch Prime Minister. Having served and held key positions in several ministries in his country, Nicholas has tremendous experience in international trade promotion and economic diplomacy. He is a frequent visitor to the GCC states and has positioned many international companies to venture into Oil & Gas, Health Care, ICT and High Tech sectors. He is presently advisor and guest lecturer to Nyenrode Business University and studied at the Netherlands Institute for International Relations, "Clingendael" in The Hague.

Wayne Gregory

Senior VP Technical

Wayne Gregory specialises in defence training and education worldwide. He is a former Royal Air Force Pilot and a Qualified Helicopter Tactics Instructor. Well travelled throughout the Middle East and South and West Africa he has conducted high-level training events in 17 countries including the Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces. He is a graduate of the RAF College Cranwell and of the UK's Higher Air Warfare Course. He gained an MA in Defence Studies with King's College, London. He attended the German Armed Forces Command & Staff Academy in Hamburg. He was awarded the Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air, and an MBE in 1995. He is an interpreter in German, speaks some French and Portuguese and is fluent in Arabic.