Global Line for Pioneering Projects L.L.C

Oman is fast becoming an investment and business destination to many major global players, not only in the hydrocarbon sectors but also others which include infrastructural development, hospitality, tourism, defense, ICT, manufacturing to name a few.


With our strong local connection and established networks in Oman within the Omani’s government agencies, Global Line has assisted numerous companies from around the globe in setting up their base and growing their businesses in Oman. We are a multi-disciplined company with diverse expertise offering wide ranging services from processing company’s incorporation right up to providing corporate training and procuring Administration and ICT solutions.


We provide our customers with absolute “Peace of Mind” when they want to establish their businesses in Oman. We know our country well and leave it to us to ensure your company will grow and be able to reap the ample business opportunities Oman has to offer.

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